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Releases & Boundaries

Release Requests Process

If you are interested in applying for a release from Caledon Bandits Lacrosse, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Register on-line for the Box/Field season with Bandits Lacrosse. Found in the Registration Section
  1. Complete the appropriate release form (found below) following instructions on the top of the form.
  2. Submit the completed release form to the President of Bandits Lacrosse and any others as per release form.The CVMLA will respond to your release request and provide you with a receipt of release request.  Please ensure that you maintain a copy of this request for your records.
  3. Submit the release request fee ($25) by Credit Card via the registration page 
  4. Expect to hear from an executive member about a release request hearing date. Release hearings will be held once a month on a specific date to be determined.

NOTE: There is a final deadline imposed by Ontario Lacrosse.  After that date, no releases will be granted.

NOTE: Should the player decide to play for the Bandits or following appeal at a higher level decides to return to play for the CVMLA the player will be returned 75% of the CVMLA release fee in credit towards current season fees.

Releases-Additional Information

Any player who is requesting a release from Caledon Vaughan Bandits Lacrosse must complete the release process as stated on this page.

According to Zone 10 regulations, you must register your player(s) with our organization before requesting a release.

Please state on your release your physical address, player's name and birth date, reason for release and whether it is a houseleague or rep release.


Registration Boundaries

Registration is open to all citizens of Caledon according to OLA boundary regulations. For clarification of boundaries, please use maps attached. Please note, OLA does have a "residency rule".  If you feel that you may be affected by this rule, please contact the Registrar. Similarly, if you are affected by this rule, Bandits Lacrosse will contact you.

In the 2016 Season there have been several changes to Grey Areas (areas not serviced by an OLA Club) process. Please review the OLA Constitution and Bylaws for further information. NOTE: Releases are only granted to the "next closest centre" as per OLA Regulations.

If you live in an area that is currently not service by an OLA Member Association, like the Bandits you most likely live in a "Grey Area".  Please contact the Bandits Registrar or Club President for further information.

If you live outside the noted boundary areas (e.g., King Township, City of Vaughan), you may play for CVMLA but may require a release from a neighbouring lacrosse centre(s). If you required a release in previous years, you will most likely need one again this year.

Please contact the Registrar for additional information or to clarify boundaries.