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Why play lacrosse?

Want to improve your hockey? Play lacrosse!

Many NHL level hockey players recommend playing lacrosse in the summer to improve hockey skills.


  • prevent year round hockey burn out
  • have 5 players on the floor, plus a goalie = same as hockey
  • 3 periods of play = same as hockey

Hockey and lacrosse are similar sports. Hockey players benefit from lacrosse because:

  • use similar equipment
  • develop stick handling skills
  • scoring skills developed by picking corners
  • develops defensive skills
  • builds strength and endurance
  • increases eye-hand co-ordination
  • teaches players to be aware of their surroundings
  • leadership skills enhanced
  • teaches reading offensive plays
  • need to make quick transitions between offensive and defensive plays

Here is what 2 had to say!!

"All the good hockey players seemed to play lacrosse in those days and every one of them learned something from the game to carry over to the other – things athletes can only learn by mixing up games they play when they are young.”                                    

Wayne Gretzky

It’s lacrosse that helped teach me to spin off checks, take shots and protect the puck under pressure. My stick skills, the way to read the play quickly comes from lacrosse. The hand-eye coordination is just one of the little things that helps you in hockey.”   

 John Tavares