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Registration Information

Programs We Offer

Bandits Lacrosse offers two main types of lacrosse: Field and Box.

Our Field program runs April to May played outdoors on fields. It is a rep program with tryouts being held in February to allow practice time in March before the competitive season in April.

Our Box program is offered at both the competitive and "house league" level. Our House League program runs mid April to end of June. Our Rep program runs April to Provincials in early August.

For more details on either program, please go to the appropriate page on our website. Registration for each of these programs can be completed by clicking below:



Box Lacrosse Registration

All players registering (new and returning) for Box Lacrosse will need to upload the accepted proof of age again as we have now switched to an online system.  Even if you have provided this information to us previously, it must be re-submitted for the online program.

Accepted Proof of Age Documents;

  • child's birth certificate
  • passport

To register for Box Lacrosse please click on the link below and sign up as a new member;


2018 Box Lacrosse Rates and Divisions

Division Birth Year Registration Fee Late Registration Fee
Jan 1st-Feb 28th, 2017 Mar 1st-May 31st, 2017
Soft 2014-2015 $150.00 $200.00
Paperweight 2012-2013 $175.00 $225.00
Tyke 2010-2011 $275.00 $325.00
Novice 2008-2009 $275.00 $325.00
Peewee 2006-2007 $275.00 $325.00
Bantam 2004-2005 $275.00 $325.00
Midget 2002-2003 $275.00 $325.00
Intermediate 2000-2001 $275.00 $325.00

Field Lacrosse Registration

If you are a returning player, proof of Age is not required.  However for new players, we will require you to upload your proof of age document.

Accepted proof of Age documents;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport

To register for Field Lacrosse please click on the link below and either sign up as a new member, or if you are returning, simply just log in!


2018 Field Lacrosse Rates & Divisions

Player Division Birth Years Registration Fee Late Registration Fee
Jan 1st-Feb 28th, 2017 March 1st-April 15th, 2017
U9 2010-2011 $225.00 $275.00
U11 2008-2009 $225.00 $275.00
U13 2006-2007 $225.00 $275.00
U15 2004-2005 $225.00 $275.00
U17 2002-2003 $225.00 $275.00
U19 2000-2001 $225.00 $275.00

Payment Options

Payment can be made by credit card online via the registration link or in person by cash at one of our try-it free clinics.  Should you wish to pay in person, please make arrangements prior with the registrar at

Refund Policy

All refund requests must be made in writing to the Treasurer, Registrar and Housleague Director.

Registration refunds will be processed once per moth.  The date of processing will be on the 10th of each month. 

All refunds, regardless of scenario, will be processed on this date of the month, either by credit card reversal or cheque.

Credit card reversals can take up to 30 business days to be reflected on your statement, depending on your financial institution.

Refunds will be subject to a $50.00 handling fee.

NSF payments are subject to a $50.00 administration fee